We offer immigration law services to our foreign clients, who for personal or work reasons, wish to live in Mexico.

The service is oriented to multinational companies who require bringing foreign personal to its plant, or to individuals who need to obtain legal residence, either temporarily or permanently, and even receiving the Mexican nationality.


The main services that we offer in this area are focused on conflict resolution but they also are aimed to prevent, including the development of all types of contracts as well as our opinion and validation of those contracts that our clients sign, always looking for equality between parties.


The specialty of this Firm is litigation. We have about 20 years of experience representing credit institutions with national and international presence.

We have expertise in all loan recovery procedures such as foreclosures, business process, insolvency, insurance and finance law, among others.

Despacho Martinez Estebanez Y Asociados
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Despacho Martinez Estebanez Y Asociados
Despacho Martinez Estebanez Y Asociados
Despacho Martinez Estebanez Y Asociados


Our Firm provides consulting services to companies and individuals, from the company’s creation to the contract’s review and all legal aspects that are beneficial to our client’s interests.


In this regard the advice focuses on development of individual and collective labor contracts, internal rules of work, pay slips, employment benefits and other necessary.

In case of the company is associated with another corporation, we draw up a partnership contracts what for different companies respond to each one of the occupational hazards that may occur, including granting bail.


In this field, Martínez Estebanez offers to its costumers tax structures that allow them to be taxed according to the applicable regulation, the part that corresponds to justice. We provide complete and innovative solutions in tax matters.

In respect of administrative law, we analyze the contracts signed by the Company celebrated with the three levels of government, providing to our clients, the maximum protection and advice before the contract signature.


We take care of all matters related to illicit where our clients become involved, either as a victim or defendant. In this area, as is sometimes threatening freedom of individuals, legal advice is available 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

We take care of matters related to financial crimes or experience in Banking having representation in various institutions of credit for more than 20 years.




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